Metal Gear Online And WipEout Demo Coming Christmas Eve

Coming Christmas Eve Sony and Konami have announced that Metal Gear Online and WipEout will release online demos on that day for both titles.

The WipEout demo will give you one track that you can play as much as you would like.  After playing that one track,  you still want more you will be able to go to the PlayStation Store and buy the whole game at a reduced price.

The Metal Gear Online demo lets you play on three maps in seven modes.  Dedicated servers have been set up for the demo and the demo will be available until January 29.

So you are looking for something to do on Christmas Eve (not that you wont be busy enough) take a look at the demos, and hey you never know you may get a PlayStation Network $20.00 card under the tree and you will be looking for a way to spend it.

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