1 month of Xbox Live gold free!

<<<A winner has been selected>>>

Well my precious Xbox 360 red-ringed recently, and I recieved a free month of Xbox Live gold. So instead of using it for my own selfish desires, I decided I would give it to you guys, the readers! So here’s the deal, I will choose the winner on January 1st, 2009. All you have to do to enter is send a (few) picture(s) of your kick ass gaming setup. The individual with the coolest gaming setup will win the free month of Xbox live gold, and the top 5 entries will be posted right here on Platform Nation for all to see. As reference here is what my gaming setup looks like.

P.S. Your chances of winning would be greatly improved if you explained what is so great about your setup, as well a suppling photos. Good Luck, and Happy Holidays!
-Send your entries to [email protected]

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  • Sorry to hear about your 360 man…that explains a lot though.

    Good to see you turning that negative situation into something positive!!!

  • I better not be the only one to enter 🙁

  • I better not be the only one to enter 🙁 I want some competition

  • IM GOING TO ENTER, I already send you the email with the pic


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  • This is really good.