200 Gamerscore Points In 5-10 Minutes.

A new free game has come out recently. It is called dinosaurs and doritos and yes you can get all the achievements in 5-10 minutes of playing the game.

The game stars you as a dinosaur or dorito truck driver. The view is overhead, and makes use of only the joystick and the face buttons. The only thing the buttons are used for is boosting. Your job is to eat the trucks (as a dinosaur) or run your truck into dorito chip circles (as a truck driver).

Play through the single player mode (Takes 5-10 minutes) to unlock 190 gamerscore points. To get the last 10 simply go into multiplayer mode with a second controller plugged in. Switch game mode to chaos and make deliveries and amount of trucks that need to be eaten to 1. Press start on the second controller and press the right trigger to make player 2 a truck. Press start on controller 1 and wait for the game to start. Once it starts run into the truck to eat it.

Congratulations you can now delete this game from your library.

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