GameHounds Episode 37: The Puppy Episode

About five of you get the joke.

Anyway, it’s Monday morning. I’m up with fewer than my requisite eight hours. I got a dog that whining to be taken out to piddle. I got a house that looks like a podcast hit it. I have a bare refrigerator. I have no tree nor Christmas presents yet purchased, much less decorated and/or wrapped.  Tonight is my Christmas Eve…

… and today’s my birthday.

So, in order to get this GameHounds episode out quickly and keep you waiting, I’m posting it without show notes. If any of you really can’t find the site or want further links, just email me at [email protected] and I’ll send you the link.

I know many of you really count on those show notes, but they do take a long time to put together, and I know there’s a bunch of you impatiently waiting on this show.


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