Merry Christmas Platform Nation Community

All of us at Platform Nation want to wish our community, a very Merry Christmas. Now here is quick word from some of our podcasts to you.

Target Demographic Podcast: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Target Demographic. As the most recent addition to the lineup of shows, we really appreciate the support we have received. It has been amazing to be part of a community that we are proud of. There is something undeniably cool about sending a friend a link to a news story from Platform Nation and then mentioning that we are part of that site. As we head into 2009, we are looking forward to getting to know ya’ll a bit more. 2008 was a great year to be a gamer, and it looks like 2009 might be even better; whatever happens it will be fun talking about it!

Squad XP: Hello guys and gals, a year has passed and PN as well as Squad XP has grown significantly. This couldn’t have been done without you, our awesome listeners and our wonderful staff. Thank you for giving us one hour of your week for this past year. Wishing you all a happy holidays, K Rock XP, Rodder XP, and The Squad XP Staff

TQCast: Hello and warmest holiday wishes from TQcast! We hope that this holiday season finds you and yours comfy, cozy, happy and well. If for some reason, you aren’t…well, Techquila has been a much-used and well-known cure-all for all sorts of things = ) Get your game on, and don’t forget to pick up Pixel Junk Monsters this Holiday season. God bless, TQcast

The Fanboys: As a productive and memorable 2008 draws to a close, and the holiday season arrives to warm us all with its spirit of giving and kindness, The Fanboys encourage you to take a moment, pause the video games, and reflect on what’s truly important: someday, you’ll be dead.

The Married Gamers: To all the Platform Nation community, Kelly and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks for you all this past year. We wish you & yours a happy holiday and a very hopeful new year. Also we’d like to extend very special thank you to Steve519 and Hamm3rofGod for keeping Platform Nation as THE premier video game community and also cheers to the other fantastic podcasts in the Platform Nation. God richly bless you all and shower you with His grace. -Chris/Leftybrown & Kelly/Mrs Leftbrown a.k.a The Married Gamers

The Gamers Pub: Hey everyone, B Dazzler and I just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy Holiday season. We hope all your Holiday wishes come true and may you all be blessed with health and joy this following years. Cheers, GUI J & B Dazzler

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