What We Hope Is Under Our Christmas Tree


Well as you all know, today is Christmas and it is a day of giving, and this is what we are hoping you can do for us.  Do us a favor this Christmas, give a gift to all of us in the Platform Nation family and give a gift of a 5 star review.  As you know none of our podcasts get paid for what they do, they do it because they love you guys and love being a part of the gaming community.  Well now, if you have 5 minutes, you can give something back to them.  Do them a favor and click all the links below and give them all a glowing 5 star review.  Thank you.

* Gamehounds Podcast –…st?id=274230435
* Squad XP –…ast?id=80770675
* The Fanboys –…st?id=210971205
* The Gamers Pub –…st?id=264584634
* TQcast –…st?id=252000782
* Video Game Jocks –…st?id=177147440
* XBL Radio Blogcast –…ast?id=88709001
* Gamer Video Update –…st?id=208077192
* The Married Gamers –…st?id=263152580
* The Target Demographic –…st?id=275808545

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