PC Gamers Be Happy. Games Through Steam Are Cheaper Now

That is correct gamers. Steam is offering price cuts from 10% to a whole 75% (WOW). Bioshock and Portal for $4.99 each, Peggle and Team Fortress 2 for $9.99, Half-Life: Opposing Force for 99 cents. T Call Of Duty: World at War ($44.99), Left 4 Dead ($37.49), and Fallout 3 ($39.99). How can you say no to discounts like this. If my computer could actually play PC games I would be all over these deals.

I wish that Steam could cut a deal with Microsoft and Sony to offer games for download like those listed above. I think it would be an easier system, and would be more cost friendly. Without using the disk you are cutting cost of production. Maybe we should change to digital distribution?

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