3G iPhone mO DeAl $99

AT&T has the reburbished 8GB 3G iPhone for only $99.00 to new AT&T customers. mO Deal without a doubt. – Big Thanks to Steven Artlip for the mO Deal!

Existing customers do not get this deal, but let us know if you have any inside tips on how to by-pass this new customer deal.

***UPDATE*** I just tried it-Check it out..

Katelyn: Since you only have one phone on an Individual plan now and want only two phones total, you will want to use the ‘Add a new Plan’ and choose any Individual plan and phone for the online order.  The web site can not change your existing plan to a family plan with the order, but this will be done by calling customer service once the new phone arrives.

Desz: ok great.

Katelyn: You should see a link labeled ‘Add a Line’ under ‘Rate Plans’ on the right side of the page. Clicking this link will take you to a new page where you have a choice of ‘Add a New Plan’ or ‘Add a Line to Family Talk’. Choosing the appropriate link will let you add a new line with a new plan or add a line to an existing Family Plan.

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