Introduction With A BANG!

[ A fuzzy video feed suddenly interrupts your weekly TV show, as you sit on your favorite recliner.  A giant globe wearing a gaming headset backdrops a wood grain podium.  The Dillinger Escape Plan sudden erupts through your surround sound speakers nearly waking the 70 year old neighbors next door.

A scruffily faced 24 year old man steps to the podium and instantly adjusts the podium microphone to his mouth.  He takes a second to brush off his Soilwork tee shirt, clears his throat with a forced cough, and looks directly at you through the camera’s eye. ]

“ I’m Qualitybeats. Hi . “

More like HIGH and WTF are you doing on my television, you think to yourself. His voice raspy and clearly supporting a Boston accent, continues.

“ I’m here to make the announcement that I’ve been selected to start writing for XBLRadio in 2009. Don’t you dare for a second think I’m going to give you what the others give you….oh no. I write for gamers like myself that have similar interests. Gamers who love games as entertainment. Gamers who enjoy their articles to the point and not excessively explained “

Your intrigued and listen as he continues.

“ I’ve been playing games since I was 6 on the NES. I’ve owned games on the NES, TurboGrafx16, SNES, 3D0, PS1, N64, PS2, Dreamcast, PC, and Xbox. Currently, I own a Xbox360.  I dabble in every game genre and try to keep an open mind in everything be it gaming or otherwise. I hope you enjoy what I have planned to write. Lots of reviews, news, and opinions….That’s what this all is right?…It’s all opinions and finding someone who has your similar interests.“

You nod in agreement.

“ Hope you all enjoy everything I’m going to bring to Have yourselves a safe and happy holida….”

[ Suddenly, the podium explodes into a mini mushroom cloud. The camera shakes violently, spins and falls to a “laying on the floor” view. A minute passes as dust and debris clear. A man in a blue and yellow jumpsuit is seen walking off into the sunset with a dog by his side. A mini-nuke rests over his shoulder hiding the print on his back. It reads 101 ]

Here comes 2009!

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