Its Up And Running


Just like our video game buddies above, is up and running. We hit a little snag over the weekend due to the amount of site traffic that we are bringing in and due to this we had to make a few little changes. Well, I believe now that we are good to go. I’m sorry to all that went to PN to get your gaming fix and were greeted with a not so nice, “Cannot connect to database” error. So once again, I’m sorry for the error, but it’s because we are growing, which is a very good thing.

If you notice anything funky with the site, do me a favor and shoot me an email or comment on this post so I know and then I can look into it, thanks!

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  • Snakeman555

    It is good to see that the problem has been fixed. I was dying of boredom without PN, actually it did give me a little bet more gaming time.