6 ways to save cash on Video Games

6. EbayEbay by far the most popular of all. You can find anything from brand new releases, to old school rare games. Ebay’s bidding system could be your best friend or your worst enemy. At the end of the day Ebay can save anybody up to 75% of the original cost.  Tip (bid on games that have late night/early morning expiration times)

5. Target Clearance section– Not the most popular of them all, but certainly a blessing having this one around. Target has a very unique section that not everybody might know of “The clearance section” Video Games on clearance are usually placed in the video game section label with a red tag, at a significant reduced price. This is a great way to get some of the latest games for very cheap. Next time you are at Target, look out for this section. Tip (Be an early bird. Most games go quick, especially the hot ones)

4. Goozex- quite possibly the biggest trading community. Goozex provides a unique trading platform for video games. Members trade their games for Goozex Points, and then use their Points to get other games from other Goozex users. Members pay only a $1 transaction fee for each game they receive. So why spend 60 dollars on a new game, when you can just make a trade. Tip (Goozex is great, but be aware that it could be hard to get the latest game due to high demand. Older titles are usually readily available)

3. Craiglist– Craiglist is possibly the fastest way to get a game you want on the cheap. The local classified site can get you a new release for a great price, and in your console the same day. Every seller has a reason and a need, so stay on the look out for those great local deals. Tip ( How to low ball- If seller is asking for 50 for the latest title, tell him you will take it. Place $45 in your right pocket and the other $5 in your left. Once you both meet to make the transaction, pull out the $45 and say “oh mannn I thought I had the $50″ ask him if he/she would like to follow you home to get the rest, they will usually say “just give me the $45″ Bling***Just don’t take advantage of the great deal, keep it fair.

2. Rent– Yes indeed, the safest way to stay on your budget. Screw the 60 dollar a game thing, spend $23 a month instead. There are several ways to rent video games now a days. You have your online services, like  Gamefly and Gameznflix some of the most popular. And then you have your local Blockbuster, that offers a monthly game pass for as little as 21.99 a month, or rents out the latest game for 8 dollars, with a 12 day renting time limit. Tip (Renting a video game at Blockbuster, gives you a 5 day return policy. They won’t charge your credit card till after the 12th day, meaning you have 7 days after the 5 day expiration to play it without getting charged. If your rental goes passed the 12th day, then they will charge your credit card, but you will get the money back on the credit card with a 2 dollar stocking fee when the game is returned. Hollywood Video gives you 50% off rentals for your first 30 days after your initial game.

1. Cheap Ass Gamer- Yes, you too will become a Cheap Ass Gamer. is the central point for all video game deals. If you found a great video game deal on the web, it more than likely came from Cheap Ass Gamer. CAG has tons of video game deals, tips, coupons, and news to save you cash on your next video game purchase.  You will always feel cheap once you land at Cheap Ass Gamer.

Tip(Cheap Ass Gamer is currently working on a formal video game trading system, that is already making lots of noise around the web) Be on the look out, and make sure you register to get exclusive deals not shown on the front page.

Let us know how you save cash on Video Games.

Have a great week!


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  • Gemni ace

    Walmart actually has good deals too. Better than target.

  • Yeah. I've traded before CAG. It turned out okay. There's just a few too many people that want you to ship the product before you pay. That always seemed backwards to me especially if you're paying using Paypal.

    If you can find somebody to trade with under your terms, you can find a butt load of stuff you'll never find in a retail store.

    Wal-Mart does have some crazy deals. I found Burnout Paradise there for $19.99. I already have it, but I almost bought a copy for a friend of mine just so we could play together.

  • All great options, but one other tip you forgot that includes Gamefly. Purchasing the copy you have in your possession for $10 – $20 less than what it is brand new (plus free shipping on box, free codes and instructions that are included in retail) Even hitting their current new years sale – I saw over 20 games less than $15 on the PS3, Wii, and 360.

  • I currently use Gamefly, and have purchased a few titles way below the original MSRP. I got metroid prime 3 for 10 dollars, DMC4 for 10 dollars, and Blast works for 20 dollars.

    Blockbuster isnt bad either, but usually the game i want is never there for some reason.

  • I need to sign up for Gamefly.

  • always check your K-marts also! and don't forget about, kinda like goosex. but gamefly or the Blockbuster Pass works pretty well to!

    I could say wait for Gamestop's buy 2 get 1 free sale (they just ended it). go buy 2 get 1 free and then next day return the two you bought. FREE GAME! do this at each store in your city and get multiple free games! works nicely!