GripShift Xbox Live Arcade Giveaway

Greetings readers! Today we have a very special giveaway for all of you where you can win a free code to download the Xbox Live Arcade version of Sidhe Interactive’s newest hit, GripShift.

Real quick though, for those of you that don’t know what GripShift is,

GripShift combines high-flying platform gaming with extreme stunt driving action. Test your reflexes and bend your brain as you stunt your way through 120 twisting Challenge Mode levels across four uniquely themed worlds.

Collect power-ups, avoid traps, and beat the clock as you compete for top leaderboard slots in single player mode, or deploy an arsenal of funky weapons and go head-to-head across 25 Race Mode tracks and 20 Deathmatch arenas in online multiplayer. Choose your driver, unlock faster vehicles, and customize your ride with new skins. GripShift is a gravity-defying thrill ride every racing fan must experience!

It’s currently out for the Xbox Live Arcade, for the PlayStation Network as well as for the PSP and I’ve heard nothing but great things about it from, PSE Magazine as well as many other places. Anyways, enough about that, it’s time for the contest.

This is an easy contest for you all, all you have to do is leave a comment telling us, why do you want to win a code for GripShift? That’s it, just let us know why you want it and four random people will win a code to download it for free.

Good luck everyone!

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  • Starfoxy

    Because good platformers disguised as racing titles are never enough! It's a Blast of fun!

  • Mark

    Why do I want a code for GripShift? So I can play the game! I'm not gonna be sat around reading the code out loud all day long, am I?

  • Ron

    Hey guys, I want to win a Gripshift code because it sounds cool, and it would warm my cold, frozen heart after a bittersweet holiday.

  • I'd like to win the code because I played the demo a while back and it was fun, but I don't have the points for it at the moment.

  • I really want to try this game, alot of people have recomended it so thatsa why id like to win

  • Mike

    The demo was awesome on this game, but have so many games not sure if I will buy this. If I get a free code on the other hand, I'll probably play it nonstop for some good ole achievements.

  • Mike

    I'd love a code so I can finally play the game without the troublesome trial limitations.

  • Bram

    I want to win a code because it's a kickass platform racer I'd like to play the full version of

  • Shok

    I heard so many good things about his game that I would like to try it myself.

  • Wow, this is an arcade title? Looks like a blast and I like games like this. Think its something my daughter might enjoy playing as well. Hard to buy lots of games an DLC, so would love a chance at winning something like this. πŸ™‚

  • brett11253

    I want the code so I can whoop everyone else out there!!!!!!!

  • I'm in, haven't played the game and it sounds like fun and something my kids would enjoy.

  • Because there's a credit crunch so us penniless peasants have to resort to begging to grab a free code!

  • I would love to have the GripShift game because I cry my self to sleep waiting for rock & roll racing and Super OffRoad to appear on XBLA.

  • I want a copy of GripShift so I can have something to live for.

  • Scarfinger

    Because it looks like a game my wife would actually play with me. That way I don't need to sign out to play Karaoke Revolution with her.

  • Zanza

    i like that kind of arcade racers and would really like to have this!

  • I want the code, cause i wanna share it with my friend, so we can play together πŸ˜€

  • I'd love to have the code because I don't have any PSN games so far…..! πŸ™

  • Jimmy P

    i'd like to play this game because not only does it sound fun but also because my xbox is having disk read issues so all my physical media is useless right now.

    pick me please<3

  • This game reminds me a lot of my playing with Hotwheels and the Tracks days….This would bring back some great memories of my childhood!
    Here’s to hoping you pick me.

  • FSU CrAcKeR0903

    I would like to have a free code because I have yet to play Gripshift and it looks like yet another promising Xbox Live Arcade game. I love Xbox 360. Long live all the people who have helped video games become what they are today.

  • Richard Webster (B1gBadDaddy)

    I would like a copy, because let’s face it, Britain is in a recession, so I need all the handouts I can get πŸ˜›

  • I want it because I’ve never played GripShift. It looks like it could be a fun game.

  • Just Googled this game, the first link I clicked made it sound awesome, the second was your give away. It`s fate.