Pre-Order From Gamestop = Killzone 2 Demo

Not to be upped by Amazon, Gamestop is offering exclusive access to a downloadable demo if you pre-order ($5 Deposit)  Killzone 2  from them, you will receive a card with the download code on it.    If you pre-order online from Gamestop you will be e-mailed your code sometime on or after February 3, 2009.

No details have been revealed as to what will be on the demo or if this will be the only way to score a  Killzone 2 demo.

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  • sucks! "yes take my money. oh a card that i can't use for a month!" c'mon now. also checked all Gamestops in Salem/Portland and none have these "cards" in stock!

  • thats kinda gay, and if i dont like the demo? u just lost your money.
    it really sucks IMO