Do You Think The Ps3 Is On It’s Way To The Grave?

PN Forum Post Of The Week, Dec 31. By dwigg.

First off I love my PS3! The reason I say that it is on it’s way to the grave is because no one besides us PS3 owners know what this system can do. When you see an ad for the PS3 you don’t know that the PS3 network is free, you don’t know that it has a Blu-Ray player, or that it has wi-fi built in to it, all you know is that it costs a whole lot more then all the other systems. I was listening to a main stream news program today that stated that the Wii whooped the Xbox 360 and PS3 butt. That third party developers were looking at how much more the Wii and the Xbox sold over the PS3 and that they were going to stop making games for the losing system. This news program made me so upset when they mentioned how the PS3 could end up on eBay selling for chump change. It’s had gotten so bad that Sony doesn’t even want to hear about it, earlier I posted a topic on the PlayStation forum and that was locked almost immediately. So I guess my question is what if Sony doesn’t change it tackics and we end up with a system that no games are made for? angry.gif

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  • pharmboy044

    Cost is the number 1 factor when it comes to selling a ton of consoles and until Sony lowers the price of the PS3 everyone is going to go on about how the PS3 is going to fail and no ones going to buy the PS3. Right now all I care about are their great first party exclusive games and as long as Sony keeps making great first party games (Uncharted I'm looking at you) I don't care what anyone says about the PS3.

  • Meatloaf

    First off let me just say I agree with pharmboy. And also i would like to add in, throughout this whole race of the consoles, Sony has been the most generous to the people. Lets be honest, when it comes to Microsoft they will milk you for all your worth, whether its for pictures, themes, wireless, online( which in this case the price might just be justified considering that, the experience is very intuitive and easy to use), and so on. The PS3 has alot going for it, but idiots that have no clue what there talking about see fit judge this system simply on its price, rather than looking at the functionality that comes with it, and then considering the cost. Dont get me wrong i have some gripes with the ps3, but as far as i'm concerned the cost is justified with all the features and great games that come with it.

    P.S. I do have a 360 and i love it to death, for all the fan boys that might see fit to attack me for knocking on there system.

  • Sony Sony Sony, the big bully that finally got put in its place. I love the system and don't want it to die. Sony needs to realize that the past can only lead you so far. Here are a couple of suggestions I recommend for PS3 to survive this generation.

    1st: MORE EXCLUSIVES OR pay for DLC like M$ did (plenty of people wont buy GTA4 DLC but i'm sure that was a factor when buying the game).
    2: Can I get a free demo or beta on the PS3 that they make you pre-order to get on 360.
    3: Home isn't what we have all been waiting for – send your resources elsewhere.
    4: Blah Blah Blah – Price Drop – Blah
    5: Clean the PS3 interface up a bit and make it more customizable.
    6: Pack in a headset, remote, or something to beef up the "included list"
    7: Redesign the console like PS2 slim – make cheaper
    8: Limited Edition – stick to it "im looking at you gunmetal PS3"
    9: Multiple Colors without having to pay $100 more
    10: Free Online Gaming Network · Top Tier BluRay Player · Web Browser · Built in WiFi (Printed right on the box) or something similiar.
    11: Free Burnout Paradise installed on HDD

    Some of these are feasable – but Sony needs something to spark the want factor.
    Oh yah – F*CK THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA – They have more to worry about in this country other than game machines.

  • pharmboy044

    You've got some good points there but the best one is number 11. I know Burnout is not possible because it's not a first party game but Sony should definitely include a free redeemable code to maybe the Ratchet and Clank downloadable game or maybe even Wipeout HD with all their consoles. This way they could kill two birds with one stone. 1)The consumer would get a free game and 2) when they redeem the game they are exposed to the PSN store. Which would most likely lead to other purchases from the PSN store.

  • sankeman555

    I don't think the PS3 is dying anytime soon, but Sony does need to step it up if not just for the people who have invested $400-$600 in their system. If 3rd party developers really decided that the PS3 wasn't worth it I would be very very very pissed at Sony, for screwing the people who decided to support their system.

  • It’s not dying.