PN Gears of War 2 Community Night


As you might have read on the Gears of War 2 blog, Platform Nation is hosting the VERY FIRST, Gears of War 2 Community Night.

Here is all the important info about it:

This Saturday, you can test your skills against their staff and hosts. Platform Nation will be hosting Gears 2 matches at the following date and time:

* Saturday, January 3, 2009
* 8pm – 11pm EST

To test your skills against the crew from Platform Nation (and maybe win some cool Gears stuff), add the gamertags below to your friends list, and join them for a game this weekend!

* Steve519
* Bdazzler
* Gui J
* B1gBadDaddy
* f and a eternal
* I Krazy XP I
* WCC5723
* Fatal45

I hope to see you all there, and if you plan on playing with us, let us know ahead of time, leave a comment on this post so we know to look out for you.

Each of the people above will be hosting a room, what the play and on which maps they play it on will be up to them. To be entered into the giveaways, all you have to do is leave your GT on this post AND show up to game. I will confirm with the hosts to verify if the winners that will be chosen at random were actually there. We will be giving away 5 Gears of War 2 Shirts and several weapon codes.

Hope to see you online!

BTW, if you want to game with me, send me and Xbox Live message requesting an invite, if I have room I will shoot you an invite. I would imagine all the other hosts will do it the same way.

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  • Im down on some GoW2 someone hit me up with an invite or something.

  • Special thanks to Justin for inviting us. Wow, I didn't know we would be the ones to pop the GOW2 Community Night cherry, I feel a little special. 🙂

    As for the prizes, just to let you guys know, what we will be doing is asking those that play with us to comment on the post that we made for this on our site and we will pick some random (location won't matter) gamers and you all will win some of the prizes that Justin was nice enough to send us.

    Thanks again Justin!

  • Get Some! Thanks for hosting, guys!


    hy guys ! respect from france

  • Im in. GT PimpMethod

  • jfrankmod

    hey im going 2 do this and cant wait 2 team up with you guys! 🙂

  • Because I'm a UK dude I may be on a little earlier if you guys want to hit me up for a game 🙂

  • Snakeman555

    I'll be there Steve.
    GT: Snakeman555

  • jordo94

    hey im definatly doin this my gamertags jordo94 ive added a few of u 🙂

  • NrJ Robin

    Hey! Cant wait for this.. Gamertag = NrJ Robin, this gonna be funz 😛

  • Raz

    Gamer tag: xSavagezx I'll be there at that time or earlier then 8.

  • Maester Rigo

    If GOW sit says to smash you guys heads then it must be done count me in for this saturday my accounts Maester Rigo see ya on the battlefield 😛

  • Maester Rigo


  • farrelljade

    im defo in. gt: farrelljade.

  • Im down for a community night! Last one I remember was WARHAWK

  • XxM1GxX

    count me in, see yall there (added a few of you too) 😛

    GT: XxM1GxX

  • Minicowcowtofu

    Hey id like to join in on this awsome event so count me in, my GT is minicowcowtofu, so just send an invite thx

  • minicowcowtofu

    o and also watch out for my friend too GT – matt7456689

  • Eric

    Im new to this site and i would like to sign up for this event i will be sending you guys friend requests. My gamertag is Und3rdoggy and ill see you guys later. peace.

  • i have been waiting a for this kind of thing to come about. my friends and i will most definately be there we will probably being playin as our SiK "clan" not realy a clan we just al play together alot so watch out boys. we play rff

  • Gorets

    Count me in – Gorets. Let's see what you guys are made of 🙂

  • Aaron Catlin

    wish i could be there but i'll be gone then so hope everyone has a good time. my gamertage is RapidNightroad if you'll want to play some time.

  • Nice.

  • chaoist monk

    added you guys.looking forward to it. count me in. my gt is chaoist monk.

  • stefan

    can't wait to beat u guys i'll be on to play * Steve519
    * Bdazzler
    * Gui J
    * B1gBadDaddy
    * f and a eternal
    * I Krazy XP I
    * WCC5723
    * Fatal45