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It’s All About the Community (games)

In our next episode (#47, currently scheduled to record on Thursday, 02.05.09) we will be discussing the Xbox LIVE Community Games initiative. As much as we all value our own opinions, this topic is one that especially needs input from our community (no pun intended).
Please comment below (or, email: [email protected]; call: 559-892-1671) and let […]

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Bethesda Learned A Leason

“Don’t let the game end, and don’t have a level cap,” said Todd Howard. These are the two big lessons that Bethesda learned from Fallout 3. After so many people complained about having no end-game experience and the fact that you can’t level past 20. Bethesda is slightly fixing the problem with Fallout 3. When […]

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GameHounds Episode 53: Viva Las Vegas!

Yes, you read that right.
We would have loved to get this episode up to you on Wednesday when it was recorded, but it seems that Vegas casino/hotels don’t want you sitting around and surfing the web in your room, so they charge $15 a day per computer for internet access.
I know. Boggles the mind.
So we […]

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The Gamers Pub Episode 56

Topics Include:
What we are drinking (We honor a Jack of all trades..and Beer Lover?)
What we are playing
This weeks Netflix instant Movie..Orgazmo!!!
Resident Evil Demo GUI J has been waiting but is it worth it???
Gaming news.
All this and more!
Intro song “Beer” by the band Psychostick, go check them out at
This weeks outro “Crazy Love” by […]

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