Rumor: ChuChu Rocket! to blast the XBLA

Here’s an Xbox Live Arcade rumor for you. Lately, our friends over at SEGA have been busy re-registering a few of their older game trademarks, most recently a trademark for the Dreamcast’s addictively fun ChuChu Rocket! A game trademark that has yet to expire. So, why the need for a new trademark? Well, Siliconera speculates that SEGA could be prepping ChuChu Rocket! (and other franchises) for release to the Xbox Live Arcade.

Admittedly, the theory is a bit of a stretch, but isn’t total crazy talk. SEGA prepping for an XBLA release of ChuChu Rocket! by re-registering the trademark kind of makes sense … right? (Via

This is just a rumor as it hasn’t been announced, but if you liked the game and want a XBLA version this may interest you.

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