Turn off your consoles!

According to an article on IGN, the environmental protection agency has found that you could be paying $145 more every year by leaving your console running instead of turning it off after use. Apparently 1/2 of gamers leave their consoles running regularly. Personally I don’t know anyone who leaves there system running all of the time, and cant imagine leaving any of my consoles running because the wii’s blue light is so annoying, and the 360 and PS3 get really hot if left on.

Here is the EPA’s energy usage chart:

You can check out the full article over at

So, do any of you leave your console running 24/7?

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  • I’ve accidentally left my PS3 on because it’s so quiet, but I haven’t noticed it getting really hot.

  • Some how my Wii is always on, I’m not sure how (I think I hit the buttons on the Wiimote by mistake), good thing it is cheap though.

    My dogs always seem to turn my PS3 on though, it’s really simple if you have the remote for it, they always step on it and it always turns it on