Chocolate Shop Frenzy: iPhone

Game Review: Chocolate Shop Frenzy

Release: Available Now

Genre: management simulator 

Developer: Digital Chocolate, Inc.

Available Platforms: iPhone, iPod Touch, PC

Players: One

MSRP: $10

ESRB Rating: Everyone


Chocolate Shop Frenzy is a management simulator for the iPhone, and PC. I purchased the iPhone version because it was 1/2 price for the holidays. 

The goal of the game is to provide top notch service to all of you costumers at the chocolate shop. You start of in January and your goal is to keep your shop running for an entire year, you just have 4 “missions” for every month. As you progress in the game you get upgrades, and new machines for your chocolate shop. There are about 6 different costumers who have different benefits, like the businessman is impatient, but tips big.

Every forth “mission” you have to create a new recipe which results in you playing a bejeweled like mini game. And after you complete the month of September you unlock “Endless Shift” mode, which removes the timer and slowly ramps up in difficulty. It also features a Trophy Room where you earn different trophies for completing goals.

This game is a fantastic time passer. If you are stuck on a long drive or are waiting at the car wash it is perfect to pull out and play for any amount of time. The game look wonderful the artwork is very bright and cheery. This game is great because it challenges you just enough without frustrating you too much.

It does have a few issues though. My main gripe is that the levels are so short, more often than not you will just be getting into the game when the shop closes for the day. The story feels very tacked on, and they really should have just scraped it all together. the only other problem I found was the stupid recipe maker mini games that broke up the fun.

I would defiantly recommend this game to people with iPhones, or iPod touches. Right now it is only $5 on the App store for the holidays, so if you are considering getting it this would be the perfect time.

This is one of those games that just seems so stupid in concept but ends up being a lot of fun.

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