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Note: We apologize for being late with the release of this show, but due to two holidays slamming together (New Years and Christmas) at the same time, things got hectic. Even though we are a little late, it still counts, you are getting the podcast either way. Enjoy the Show!

Topics Include:

Apparently Video Games are not recession proof, find out why?
Home is making Sony a killing despite problems, and Silverthorne has a problem with that.
World at War and Prince of Persia down to $49, could we be heading back to this price point for games during this generation?
New Mickey Mouse game being made by the creator of the Deus EX series, is the Wii to blame for all of these casual games?
Take Two spends $11 million dollars, just so they will not be bought out by EA. Was this decision really worth it in the end?
No Yay or Nay this week, instead, we talk about what all of us got for Christmas.
All this and more!
Thanks for listening, Please leave us a comment on the show or send us an e-mail at: [email protected]

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