Airport Video Game Vending Machines

Best Buy has bought vending machines that sell video games. Right now they only sell Nintendo DS systems and games.  The “Best Buy Express” machines are only in airports for now, but I can see further expansion of these vending machines.

Of course this good and bad. The good part is that the machines carry the same price tags if you where to buy the items from a store. This is very good for people with money to spend on flying and playing video games. Plus you can annoy the crap out of the people around while playing Guitar Hero: On Tour.

The bad side of this machine is that it can cause harm to an already hurt economy. If these machines go further than airports, people are going to start getting let off. Why go to the store when you can go to a machine?

Of course the Best Buy Express sells more than video games, but it is a great machine for people always on the go.

What is shocking is that there are no PSP games or systems being sold. Maybe Nintendo struck a deal with Best Buy. Only time can tell.

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