Ultimate Accessory: Turtle Beach X4 5.1 Dolby Headset


Ultimate Accessory: Turtle Beach X4 5.1 Dolby Wireless Headset
Price: $150-199
2 AA Batteries

“ I’m going to make this short and simple.  I already have a Dolby surround sound system at my gaming station….Why did I need these? WHY did I  spend $150 on headphones?

Here’s my reason..”

“ First off, I’m a musician and producer of many genres of music (and looking to do some game music…hint..hint…nudge) and I have spent $225 dollars on Pioneer and Sennhieser flat wave stereo headphones for my music studio in the past……………
$150.… THAT’S A DEAL TO ME!  This has 5.1 Dolby surround sound?? I gotta hear EM!

And hear them I did! “

“ How do they sound you must be wondering? Well….They sound GREAT! The 5.1 Dolby is truly responsive and immersive.  They’re loud(enough!), have an excellent sound curve ( low end is especially SOLID), light on the head, and tight on the ears.  Exactly what you look for in a pair of great headphones that are going to be warn for long periods of time.  The microphone is also solid, strong, loud, and clear  “

“ They have now become a gaming experience staple to me.  Once you play through a game like Dead space with these bad boys…’ll never go back.  These things put you in the game experience.  You’ve never experienced being immersed in a game before this….If you think you have…..Try me!  You’ll never go back….I’m telling you! “

“ They don’t come with out a flaw though.  The x4’s downfall is they aren’t built real tough.  So baby these things around the house.(you should anyway their expensive)  Little baby Tai can’t be bashing these things around the floor, or they wont last a sec.” (hey, Cheapy)

“ Also, I wish they had a battery meter or something to that degree.  The headphones ONLY let you know they need new juice by sounding like CRAP!(Distorted)  Had me worried for 2 hours, that I broke them somehow, until I realized what was going on.  “

In Conclusion: I’ve never felt so immersed before playing my games with these things on my head.  An Ultimate Accessory in my book.  5 thumbs…stars….whatever you want!  I love em!  “

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