Killzone 2 Demo is exclusive to Gamestop

As Platform Nation reported earlier GameStop will be giving a free demo of Killzone 2 to anyone who Pre-Orders it at their store. It has now been confirmed that this is the only way you can play the Demo before the release of the game. However after the release of Killzone 2 anyone will be able to play the demo.

The only way you’ll be able to play Killzone 2 before the game’s release will be through GameStop’s exclusive pre-order campaign. No other demo for Killzone 2 will be released before the game’s street date. Those that don’t want to pre-order from GameStop will have to wait until after the game’s release, as we’ve discovered from SCEA. “The demo will be available on the PSN after the game ships but only through GameStop until then.”

Seems a bit strange to reward people already ready to purchase the game with a demo, while excluding those that are on the fence. Having played the game, we can confidentally say that playing even just one level of Killzone 2 will make you a convert.

-PS3 Fanboy

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  • Dammit, I hate gamestop.

    There is no date for the demo to go live either 🙁

  • it happens! my guess is day of release it will be available for every one. whats the point though of getting the pre-order bonus now though as the demo/theme are available till Feb?