PS2 Most Played Console

According to the research firm Nielsen the PS2 is still the most played console out there with 31.7% of time spent playing games.  So where does this put the PS3?  Well the PS3 has finished up almost last with 7.3% it managed to beat out the Game Cube as the Game Cube finished up with 4.6% of playing time.  The Xbox 360 finished up taking 2nd place with 17.2% and the Wii took 3rd with 13.4%.  Even the soon to be hard to find console Xbox beat out the PS3 with 9.7%.

I guess it’s not really surprising that the PS2 is still being played so much as they do have a lot of titles available and still have games being produced, also the console is still affordable at $129 and lets not forget the console has proven to be reliable.

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