HOME update

It looks like Red Bull may have noticed that Home is the boringest place on earth. So they are going to add some new content that we can stand in line for. Also for those of you virtual bargain hunters you will be pleased to know that a FREE Resident Evil shirt will be coming out soon.

PlayStation Home will be getting its first big expansion this week. The long-awaited Red Bull game space will finally go live, allowing players to partake in a free mini-game: the Red Bull Air Race (pictured). More content will be added to the Red Bull space over the coming months.

The US version of Home will also get its first access to the Diesel and Ligne Roset storefronts. Those of you that don’t want to pay for clothes will be glad to hear that free Resident Evil Degeneration t-shirts will be given away for anyone that caught a sneak peak of the movie in the Home theater. TO EVERYONE. Yay!

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