No Rock Band 3 For 2009

2009 will not be the year for a new Rock Band, Harmonix boss Alex Rigopolous has confirmed at CES.  He went on record stating “We’ve actually made a choice to break out of the annual release cycle for Rock Band this year”.  Maybe this is in part because Harmonix is working on the Beatles game that was announced last October.

While we are talking about Rock Band, the recently announced $13 Rock Band 2 SD card for DLC for the Wii is going to be released soon.  Oh sure it looks real nice, but before you shell out $13 for the SD card shop around any 2 GB SD card will work and as we all know if you shop around you can save 3-5 dollars on a 2 GB card as they are found numerous places for cheaper.  Hey with the money you save you can buy some new DLC from Rock Band for your Wii.

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