Buying, Barking, and Bread crumbs : Fable II Review


I’m fat because I eat meat pie for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  They call me “ the raccoon“;  sleep deprivation has given me the darkest circles Bowerstone has ever seen.  I’m rich, corrupt, and own everything.  I’ve worked my way up the social ladder to be, the hero in the hearts and souls of all who can laugh as I pass gas in the face of their loved ones.  Bow down before me or die trying to resist.  Welcome to Albion and Fable II!


Fable II is a solid, real-time combat RPG for the masses.  Core D&D banter not apply.  The story and characters are decent; the dialogue and art design are awesome.  Not a lot of innovation on story or core game play; it feels similar to something I’ve played before but isn’t to smite the game at all.  Not everything needs to be new and refreshing. I really appreciate how the game was designed; art style, characters, dialogue, its time period, quests, jobs, real-estate, family, the dog, and story.  It’s all very over the top and “uber-fantasy”.  Guns, gestures, real-estate and jobs are especially nice to see, and tend to draw a line between itself and the Zelda series.  As far as presentation, graphics are solid and looks as it should; over the top and “story-book fantasy” beautiful.

While I enjoyed the music and audio work, nothing really struck me with aw. Dolby sound is accurate and responsive and the compositions are well written and quite beautiful.  I will point out how music mood elevates as does the games, which helps build on intensity when done properly.


Fable II has it’s issues.  These issues came to me in the form of control.  Controlling my character was a hefty task. I had far to many hang-ups on rock edges or tree roots, targeting was extremely aggravating, and my character would get stuck in a battle animation and lockup; little annoyances that hurt my overall enjoyment.  Beside that, combat feels as simple as past Zelda titles while having much more depth.

Fable II is a single player game.  There is online co-op here but only for the host.  If you join a Fable II game your buddies playing….you don’t play your story character.  You spawn as a henchmen and for the most part are just wasting time or helping him.  I tend to only use co-op to gift items or barter.  At least it’s something.


Content and replay-ability is set above average in Fable II.  There is plenty to do after the main quest from item searches, quests, family building, & buying real estate.  Lots of “grinding” enjoyment if your that kind of player.  In my play through, I focused on the main quest a lot more, leaving me hours of gameplay to come back to


In Conclusion : Fable II had its moments of giving me grief from glitches and bugs…but also its moments of giving me enjoyment.  I really liked walking, talking, fighting and farting through Albion.  There is a lot of content here and none of it is too complicated or difficult to understand. If your not a fan of the fantasy RPG setting or art style….rent at best; everyone else needs to consider looking past constant loading and glitches before purchase.(far to many glitches for how it has been praised) .  There’s something here for everyone.  Gambling mini-games, real-estate management, playing fetch with your pup, gathering together swinger parties, catching STDs, having children with multiple wives, kicking chickens, grinding, looting and so much more..

Grinded Gears :

  • Loading constantly from area to area
  • Glitchy

Awesome Honorable Mentions :

  • Fully customizable character
  • Continue after game completion

(Notes: 1 Player / 2 Co-op, Developed by Lionhead Studios, On 360)

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  • Nice review

  • I think more love and attention should be given to how being good/bad factors into your character development. The way I played the game versus how my brother did made it almost two completely different games (he enjoys to steal and hurt people).