Just A Thought : Crackdown 2


Last time I checked reviews and personal opinion, a lot of gamers on the 360 enjoyed 2007’s Crackdown.  It had solid, addictive and extremely fun gameplay; not to mention a great art design and awesome online coop.

So, why haven’t we heard about a sequel from the developers?  Is Microsoft holding off with that IP? Gameasutra, back in December, reported that members of Real Time Games ( the developer of Crackdown ) were founding a new development company called Ruffian Games and they could possibly be working on a sequel.

Could this be an undercover game release for 09?  There really isn’t another game on the console that’s quite like it and it would be a big title for a dry spot in 09.

I can only dream of the possibilities : 4 player online co op, higher jumps, taller buildings, a light abilities upgrade component; when do I stop?

Plot isn’t really necessary in a title like Crackdown but it would be nice to have a little something more than just the dossier info and videos.  A slew of short cut scenes that play like your reading a comic could be interesting.

Microsoft…We need more Crackdown!

Just a thought….

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