PSN Saturday

Hello welcome back to all of you pub listeners from your holiday stupors and vacations I hope you had as much fun over the holidays as I had, but on to the gaming stuff. Some of you actually bought Playstation 3s to go along with your 360s, you long time users of the 360 blades or NXE have a tough finding the PSN updates in the Playstation store and I’m just the guy to show you what is what.

Full Downloadable games:

Cuboid $9.99 just imagine Marble Madness except with a cube instead of the marble ball.

Mahjong Tales $ 9.99 some actually tried to add a story line to Mahjong both games have trophy and 1080p support, but only Mahjong tales has custom music.

Game Add-on:

Guitar Hero World Tour European pack-$5.49, $1.99 a single The tracks are:

“Johnny” by Di-Rect, “Por La Boca Vive El Pez” by Fito&Fitipaldis, “Degenerated” by Backyard Babies.

For the five of you that bought Rock Revoultion-Pantera Pack $5.50, $1.50 a single, all cover versions

“Cemetery Gates”, “Mouth of War”, “This Love”, ” 5 minutes Alone”, and “I’m Broken”

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm- Ninja pack 6 this one has Anko as a support character ( one of the Chunin examiners during the Chunin exam story arc) like the other packs this one is free

Video- Movies Babylon AD rated PG-13 in 480i $3.99 (rental) uncut $14.99 (own), Bangkok Dangerous rated R $14.99 (own), Behind Enemy lines R $3.99 (rental), $14.99(own), Disaster Movie Rated PG-13 $14.99 (own), uncut the same $14.99

Hope this helps for you new PSN users till next time.

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