8 Hours of Act Raiser


Act Raiser was a 1990’s side-scrolling action platformer meets city builder meets multi-directional shooter with RPG elements.  It looked great, played great; was long, fun, and had an excellent soundtrack……… it’s time.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it still ” holds up ” but you know these kids now a days.


I spend 8 hours with it in the last few days and was truly entertained and amazed by how innovative this game was.  If you have never played or heard off Act Raiser I’ll give you a quick explanation.

You are a god. Your strength, which was sealed away by the evil Tanzra, is lost. You play the game as an angel sent to serve and help bring faith or “ your strength “ back to the land.  Before you can help the towns folk with life, you need to clean out some evil demons from land that the villagers are trying to live on.  You do this by kicking butt, as a heavenly knight, in a side-scrolling / action platforming sequence.


Once the evil army is weakened, you send in your little angel buddy to kill off the flying demons and help the village rebuild from it’s destruction through a “ multi-directional shooter while playing sim-village “ sequence.  From Fillmore to Marahna you clean the land of evil and restore the peoples faith back to god or “ you “.


There are 6 villages ranging from small forests, huge desserts, and large islands.  Using miracles like lightning, rain, the suns heat, or even earthquakes; you fix and alter the land to better suit the villagers living on it.  When the population of the land increases; so does your god level.  Higher god levels use less AP ( action points : used to cast miracles ) and increases your heavenly knights HP.


Addictive, innovative, and extremely fun; Act Raiser should never be forgotten.  It only a matter of time before we see a next-gen version of Act Raiser.  Quintet originally developed the game and had Enix publish it back in 1990; now it’s Square / Enix.  Maybe this is the IP for Square developers to try something out of their realm?

Let’s hope!

Act Raiser is currently available on Wii’s Virtual Console

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