Video Game Companies On Twitter

Sam Houston, Community Manager for GamerDNA complied a great list of Video Game Companies on Twitter as well as a list of people on twitter that work in the industry.

Video Game Companies on Twitter-

2K Boston:

ShawnElliott – Shawn Elliott, Producer at 2K Boston.  Best known for his work at EGM/GFW Magazines and Podcasts.

38 Studios:

gehrig38 – Curt Schilling, founder of 38 Studios and pitcher for the Boston Red Sox

BrettClose – Brett Close, VP of Biz Dev at 38 Studios

3D Realms:

Georgeb3dr – George Broussard, Game Producer/Designer at 3D Realms


Historian – Community Manager at Acclaim

DPerry – David Perry, Director of many MMOgs at Acclaim

Adventure Company Games:

TheAdventureCo – Official Twitter account for Adventure Company Games

Agora Games:

ChrisA9 – Christian Arca, Lead Designer at Agora Games

ArenaNet (Part of NCSoft):

BrinstarRegina Buenaobra, Community Manager for Guild Wars

ArenaNet – Official Twitter account for ArenaNet, developer of Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2

Mkerstein – German Community Manager for Guild Wars


SWTOR – Official Twitter account for Star Wars – The Old Republic


Capcom_Unity – Official Twitter account for Capcom

Carbine Studios (Part of NCSoft) :

_Aether_ – Troy Hewitt, Associate Producer/Community Lead on Carbine’s secret MMO

Nite_Moogle – Designer at Carbine

Cartoon Network:

AdultSwimGames – Official Twitter account for Adult Swim Games

CCP Games:

CCPGames – Official Twitter account for CCP Games

Eat Sleep Play:

Djaffe – David Jaffe,  founder and Video Game Designer known for games like God of War

Electronic Arts:

EA – Official Twitter account for EA

Weezul – Jon, Online Marketing Manager for EA

EAMobile – Craig, Community Manager for EA Mobile

sk88z – Alain Qunto, EA Sports Community Manager

TheSim3 – Official Twitter account for The Sims 3

TheSims2 – Official Twitter account for The Sims 2

Dewiel – Justin Dewiel, EA Sports Community Manager

Raczilla – Will Kinsler, EA Sports Community Manager

IsaacClarke – Official Twitter account for Dead Space

PBrush – Doug Brooks, Technical Director at EA

Monkey_Pants – Ian Milham, Art Director for Dead Space at EA

BlizzzzDave Blizard, Lighting Director and CG Supervision at EA Redwood Shores

SledgeHammer70 – Mathew Everett, developer at Pandemic Studios


Harbonaut – Bill Harbison, Artist at Eidos

Flying Lab Software:

FLS_Danicia – Danicia, part of the Community Team at FLS

FLS_Rusty – CEO of Flying Lab Software

FLS_Misha – Producer at FLS

FLS_Rhaegar – Tom Atkinson-Edwards, part of the Community Team at FLS

FLS_Raymond – Content Lead at FLS

FLS_bsharp – Art Director at FLS

FLS_Mat – Animation Lead at FLS

FLS_Brady – Lead Programmer at FLS

FLS_Fraxl – Associate Producer atFLS

FLS_Nutch – CS Lead at FLS

FLS_Isildur – Lead Designer at FLS

FLS_Daeke – Community Specialist at FLS


HMXCasey – Casey, Designer at Harmonix

JohntDrake – John Drake, Director of PR at Harmonix and drummer for The Main Drag

HarmonixSean – Sean Baptiste, Community Manager at Harmonix

JChausse – Jeff Chausse, Head Web Developer at Harmonix

Dan_Schmidt – Dan Schmidt, Game Developer at Harmonix and guitarist for Honest Bob

CowPieSurprise – Rob Weychert, developer at Harmonix

DeliciousBees – DanT, Senior Designer at Harmonix

JasonKendall – Jason Kendall, developer at Harmonix

MrPope – Developer at Harmonix

Incongnito Entertainment :

DylanJobe – Dylan Jobe, Studio Director at Incognito Entertainment

Infinity Ward:

Infinity_Ward -Infinity Ward’s official Twitter account

FourZeroTwo – Robert Bowling, Infinity Ward’s Director of Community Relations (I believe that’s his title at least :P)

Kaos Studios:

Kaos Studios – Kaos Studios’ official Twitter Account

Mjayg – Mitch Gross, Community Manager for Kaos Studios

Macguffin Games:

MacguffinGames – Scott Macmillan, founder at Macguffin Games (indie game startup in Boston)

Manifest Games:

BryanElliott1 – Bryan Elliott, Interactive Brand Strategy for Manifest Games


Cuppy – Tami Baribeau, Community Manager at Metaplace

m3mnoch – Christoper Chapman, Director of Web Development at Metaplace

fleck99pf – Patrick Ferland, Content Developer (and blogger at WorldIV)

Microsoft (includes Xbox 360 Division):

MajorNelson – Director of Programming for Xbox Live, AKA “Xbox Live’s Major Nelson”

Trixie360 – Xbox Live’s Trixie360,  Community Manager for Xbox Live

Bastelyon – Tony Hynes, Gamerscore Blog

Stepto – StephenToulouse, in charge of Policy and Enforcement for Xbox Live

SixOkay – Justin, Community Manager for Gears of War 2

NelsonRodriguez – Nelson Rodriguez, Gamerscore Blog

CPaladino – Chris Paladino, Gamerscore Blog

JohnNoonan – John Noonan, Game Developer and host of the Platform Biased podcast from Microsoft Game Studios

Mythic Entertainment:

JohnDrescher – John Drescher, producer of Warhammer Online

Thatbarnettblok – Paul Barnett, Creative Director for Warhammer Online

ElvishParsley – Justin Webb, senior designer at Mythic

Naughty Dog:

Naughty_Dog – Official Twitter account for Naught Dog

Arne360 – Arne, Marketing/PR guy at Naught Dog


Harstman – Founder of Ohai (Stealth MMOG startup), Scott Hartsman.  Well known for leading the EverQuest 2 team and his work at SOE

Popcap Games:

Popcap_games – Official Twitter account for Popcap Games


SegaAmerica – Official Twitter account for Sega America

Shattered Reality Interactive:

DamonG – Damon, founder of Shattered Reality Interactive(Indie Studio), developers of Kaos War

Stardock Entertainment:

Stardock – Official Twitter account for Stardock

Sony Online Entertainment:

Brenlo – Alan Crosby, Director of Global Community Relations for SOE

Ashlanne – Amy, Community Manager at SOE

Free_Realms – Official Twitter account for Free Realms

Raijinn – Joel, Community Manager at SOE

SOEllyra – Community Relations for SOE (Vanguard: Saga of Heroes)

SOEGordo – Gordo, Community Relations at SOE

Grimwell – Grimwell, Community Manager for EQ2 at SOE

Valara – Community Manaer for Star Wars Galaxies


Qore – Official Twitter account for Qore

Veronica – Veronica Belmont, Host of Qore

SonyPlayStation – Official Twitter account for SCEA

Valve Software:

ValveSoftware – Valve’s official Twitter Account


JD_2020 Josh Olin, Community Manager for Call of Duty: World at War


AutumnKiss – Community Manager for Vivox


Webcarzz – Official Twitter account for Webcarzz

Scapes – Evan Berman, Community Manager at Webcarzz

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