Your Xbox Friends List Limit Could Be Increasing

Do you have your limit of 100 friends on Xbox Live, and you have to delete someone to add a new friend.  Well Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg has confirmed they are looking into  increasing the size of the friends list.  The  friends list limit  according to Greenberg was designed back in the day of the original Xbox.

“It’s definitely something we’re looking at expanding and, as this social network grows, we’ve absolutely heard the pleas for that. It’s on the list.”

Well have no fear, I have plenty of room on my friends list as it is stands right now  I have about 70 friends,  so I still have room to spare on my friends list.   How about you do you need the increase in size of the friends list?

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  • I would LOVE to have my friends list capacity increase. I would also welcome the ability to categorize my friends for the various communities I’m involved with.

  • I don’t have many friends, but it would be nice getting some gametime in with all the people who filled up their list last year.

  • TXPaladin

    Would love them to bump it to say “360” and grouping them would be cool as well. I also would love to see the option to only show my online Friends via NXE an the rest of them can be under the Guide button. Plus seeing Friend of Friends would be nice as a button as soon as you click on the friend, save the extra clicks.