RANT : Gimmick gaming and Casual Know-nothings

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At CES 09, Sony released a demo of PS3 games in 3D.  Two minutes ago…… I pushed an elderly lady down a flight of stairs because of it, and will continue until this craziness ends.

I’m not interested in this at all.  Call me friggin’ old school….but this really goes up my @*s sideways, along with all this Nintendo taking over the gaming universe just plainly robbing good people of money and laughing as they clean their rears with the game disks of IPs we want!  WHAT IN GOOD GOD’S NAME IS GAMING COMING TO!?

“ Don’t knock it till you see it…..“

I don’t want to see it.  It’s just another damn game gimmick they‘ll pound into the dirt.  How many directions can you move your arms with the Wii-mote until EVERY single game on that console is the same?  All you really need is a well-done single game in every genre and it’s off to the next gimmick .  Tennis, bowling, pancake flipper, my first time masturbating…..all this will eventually get run into the ground and die….much like 3D.

Some games WILL be interesting, in 3D, when implemented properly; true.  Sadly, we all know Sony is going to go full fledge 3D games and after a while….it’ll fall flat.
Not to mention, no one else can watch you play the game without glasses on or they’ll go into a seizure and die.  So how many pairs of glasses do you own?

Just another way for companies to charge more money for product.  How much more will this cost developers?  Consumers?

If the glasses are free, they’ll be cheap and break after you sit on them coming back from the kitchen.  How much for the expensive “ Oakley “ 3Ds?? PFFF! Come on!  Wake up!

If this were a demo for a single 3D game…I’d be fine.  I’d be interested.  The problem is game publishers and companies are groping the casual gamers nuts until the casual gamer gets bored.  Then they crawl back to the core gamers like we’re the fat throw back booty call.

See it as you may; to me this is just another way for Sony to make money on 3D TVs, glasses, and what have you.  Much like this new generation…we run everything into the ground.  From vocoder effects all over hip-hop to reality show after friggin’ reality show….

You know what…whatever.

I’m done.

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  • Sony needs to fix that want a be xbl before they lose more billions of dollars with some glasses! BTW I’m now a fan boy, and don’t have a PS3

  • You do know that many many many companies where showing 3d tv’s, not just Sony. Sony was just the only ones showing theirs with 3d games.

    I’m for 3d games, can you imagine COD4 in 3d? What about Mirror’s Edge?

    And the 3D games and tv’s that they were showing DID NOT need 3d glasses

  • Pimpmethod, I have been hearing that Sony’s ps3 online is not as good as the xboxes. I have both systems and I think that the ps3 is better. Lets compare, they both allow you to talk to your friends online with mics, and a camera if you have it. They both allow you to play in multplayer games. They both allow you to buy games and movies. The only differnce as far as I can see is that you have to pay for the xbox to play online. So why do you think the xbox online is better? On to the topic, I agree with everything he said, gaming is going main stream and if we don’t stand up and put a stop to it one day we maybe able only to find games like my little pony!

  • dwigg…. I misspell, I mean im NOT a fanboy!!! ahhhhh

  • Jonathan Maher

    I don’t think that what they showed in any way whatsoever can be looked at as “roping the casual gamers nuts.”

    The technology is going to be very expensive, and very much targeted at the hardcore. The games they showed (Gran Turismo, WipEout and MotorStorm) are not exactly Wii Sports.

    Casual games enjoy having their nuts groped by giving them older, cheaper technology that is simple and easy to use (the Wii, PC games you play in a browser, the 360 Arcade with Lips). The hardcore are willing to pay more for the most technically advanced and immersive experiences.

    3D displays may or may not be the future of entertainment. But, they most certainly won’t be a “casual” pastime for many, many years. Just like HDTV’s – the hardcore will go first, then the rest will follow.