SimCity (iPhone) Review

Game Review: SimCity
Release: December 18, 2008
Genre: Simulation
Developer: Maxis
Available Platforms: iPhone
Players: 1
MSRP: $9.99


For those of you that don’t know what SimCity is all about, P*N will break it down for you. In SimCity, you build a city while managing all aspects of it. The original SimCity came to us in 1989 and its popularity spawned many sequels, first of which was SimCity 2000 followed by SimCity 3000, which this version of SimCity seems to be the most similar to. SimCity also later spun off to games like SimAnt, SimTower even the very popular The Sims, among other games.

In SimCity you start off with a blank canvas, no people and a decent amount of simoleons (SimCity money) where you will have to build a power plant and residential, commercial and industrial zones and roads to help connect everything together. Later on you will have to add water pumps, pipes, airports, garbage centers and much more as your city becomes a city. As you get more in depth with the game you will have to tweak your city budgets, work with city ordinances based off of what you feel will be best for your sims. You can even experiment with disasters as you can have UFO’s, fires, tornadoes, earthquakes and toxic clouds hitting your city and from there you can save your people and rebuild your city, bigger and better.


The iPhone version of SimCity set out to bring SimCity to the iPhone while not really compromising on what makes SimCity what it is and still bring everything that really matters to the game. It looks great on the iPhone, it has classic SimCity type of music. The controls are very easy to learn which and intuitive which makes panning around your city pretty easy, as well as zooming in and out. As far as building things like roads and areas, I really think the team at Maxis did a great job as far as the iPhone controls go. You just slide your fingers across the area that you want to build and then, if need be, you can move it or resize it as needed to help with your layouts of your city.

Well, SimCity isn’t perfect, the biggest issue that I noticed with this game really isn’t the games fault, the small screen in which you play the game on. It is really cumbersome at times and with all the screen space taken with icons and buttons, you are left with a pretty small area to play the game. Another feature that should have made it into the game should have been some type of online play, kind of like what was done with SimCity Societies. Where you can actually have city neighbors and where you can grow, help them grow and setup deals with other cities.


As a fun fan of the previous SimCity games, this version did not disappoint, SimCity had everything I needed to waste countless hours for a low price of $9.99, I urge you all to check this out.

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