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Main Topic: This week we are joined by a true “winner”  Jonesyman to discuss whats happening on the DS Homebrew scene as well as a one stop shop to access great Homebrew downloads.

Special Guest: Jeff “Jonesyman” Jones

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Around the Pool Table:


– Watched Murderball and the season opener of Scrubs.
– Played Guitar Hero:World Tour on XBOX 360 after fixing bro-in-laws Rock Band 1 guitar.
– Played Guitar Hero III:Ledgens of Rock.
– Played a ton of DS games and even more DS Homebrew.
– Beat Chrono Trigger (only took 12yrs)
– Beat Mirror’s Edge.
– Almost Beat “Rock Band” – – Run to the Hills – Won’t Get Fooled Again
– Playing Valkyria Chronicles, Prince of Persia, Legend of Zelda (DS), LittleBigPlanet MGS
– Watched Step Brothers, Supernatural (season 1 and 2), Pineapple Express
– Graham Norton Show (BBC America)
– World of Warcraft – Boulderfist server –  Character name = Jadmor
– Watched Yes Man
– Signed up for Netflix
– Attended academy of model aeronautics world expo in LA
– Watched Encino Man with wife
– played left 4 dead with community
– played Priceless
– Played World of Warcraft: frostwolf server: wainorferd
– Played the Metal Gear Solid LittleBigPlanet levels.
– Played Fallout 3, Street Fighter II HD, World of Goo, Moon (DS), Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters (PSP).
– Friends 360 red ringed.
– Got a PSP 3000 and a PS3 chatpad.
– Watched Pineapple Express on Blu-Ray and Headless Horseman.
– Played Left 4 Dead, Gripshift, and Pure.
– Microsoft is a bunch of lairs!  Console license update.
– Got and iPhone and life hasn’t been the same since.
– Because of the iPhone I now know that I’m gay… because I’m listening to Coldplay.

The Best Music You’ve (probably) Never Heard: Refused – The Shape of Punk to Come

TD Community: A phone call from from Jake Lane and comment of the week from Joe.

Main Topic: Jonesyman joins us to help share the DS Homebrew love.   If you want to get into the homebrew scene you need to listen to this show!  For more information visit Jonesy’s homebrew site at

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