TQ on the Go- Hydrotilt iPhone Preview

What up TQfam, since the iPhone has become our gaming hand held of choice due to its portability and convenience, we have decided to bring you some iPhone games that may interest you while commuting to work or, just waiting at the doctor’s office. Today I bring you Publisher X’s next installment called “Hydrotilt”. The game is similar to that of monkey ball or even one of my personal 3D puzzle favorites “Mercury Meltdown” for the Wii.

In HydroTilt, players guide a bead of water on suspended platforms by tilting the iPhone left, right, up, and down to carefully navigate safely through abstract and brightly colored environments to reach the finish line. Like real water, players can alter the form of the droplet from a liquid state into a solid state (ice) and even a gaseous state (water vapor)…but foresight is a must! Players will need to use these different forms to solve various puzzles, such as freezing their droplet to roll over a switch in order to trigger a bridge, or use the liquid state to connect electrical wires to activate a freezing machine.

The game is now available in the iTunes store for only $4.99

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