Bruce Springsteen Coming To Guitar Hero

The Boss is making his way to Guitar Hero World Tour.

January 27 Bruce Springsteen’s new album Working on a Dream will be released and at the same time 2 tracks from the legendary performer will hit GH World Tour for free.  The 2 songs are My Lucky Day from his soon to be released album and Born to Run from his classic 1975 album with the same name.

Both songs will be available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the Wii.  So if you are interested in the songs, mark your calendar because after February 4th  you will have to pay for the 2 songs.

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  • Jonathan Maher

    It is awesome that we are getting free music that is actually good! I hope that more bands start to use this model. One song from their new album, one classic that they know fans will like.

  • Could care less about Springstein, but free is free and I like that.