Humpdate 1-14-09

Hey. Guess what? It’s Humpdate time kids!


This week Edie the Clown and Mr. Commander Tim teach valuable lessons in how to be angry, bitter old people!


Marvel as they grind their teeth and shake their fists about the following topics:

  • Analysts project that Sony will post a $1.1 billion operating loss this fiscal year.
  • While not technically dead, Pandemic Studios Brisbane has been kicked to the curb by Electronic Arts.
  • One of IGN’s podcasts says that one “major online title” coming to the Wii will be dropping the Friends Code system.
  • Nintendo desperately attempts to make Wii Music relevent by sending it out to music teachers and hoping they will say nice things.
  • Random stuff: Nintendo DSi release date, Resident Evil 5 demo news, The Maw’s release date, Wii Rock Band news, and DLC info for Castle Crashers, Fallout 3, and Mirror’s Edge.


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