Xbox Originals: Good Or Bad?

This week we have a new game joining the Xbox Originals stable.  A game called BlowOut.  Whether you remember this game or not, it’s obvious that this was not a AAA title back in the day.  In fact, a quick check of eBay finds a copy to be had for as little as $3.50.  That’s a far cry from the 1200 Microsoft points ($15) the download costs on Xbox Live.
The issue with nearly all Xbox Originals is the fact that, given a little searching, you can find most of these titles for much less online. Plus, you will have a physical copy. So when your console gets the Red Ring of Death, you don’t have to worry about the licensing issues.

Microsoft has yet to hear the community’s cries for a cheaper price point or added features for these Originals. As a matter of fact, the number one complaint is the lack of achievements for these games. Technical limitations aside, Microsoft could make some effort to add some value to the Xbox Originals program.

Have any of you purchased a Xbox Original? If so, what game and why?

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  • Have not purchased one and I completely refuse to. They should work on updating backwards compatibility OR .. at the very very least, any game they offer through the service should be backwards compatible.

    I never in my life thought Nintendo would be the leading console for the ability to play past consoles games (full gamecube support + the huge library that virtual console offers on so many systems).

  • WCC5723

    I have never purchased a Xbox original because like you said in your article I can purchase the game else where and have it on a disc, and if the game was not backwards compatible well I guess I really have to take a good hard look and have to have a strong liking of the game to lay down 1200 MS points

  • until they release a good game they will not get my money. These games that keep coming out are LAME.

  • Fernandez

    I think Xbox Originals is a joke because its just another way to suck us dry. First off “Blast Off” is a no name game, as a matter of fact this is my first time hearing of this game. While xbox is busy adding stupid games to the Original line up they could just be working on making all those xbox games i bought playable on my 360. I swear the people at xbox must be purposely ignoring use.

  • Jade Empire seems like the best bang for your buck in terms of Xbox Originals. Other than that, Psychonauts, & Fable – the offering has been crap. Scrap the xbox originals and send resources elsewhere.

  • Dlacy13g

    I like the idea behind Xbox Originals, but I think some rework is needed. the addition of some achiements should be part of it And a price point of no more than $10 (800pts) should be set for all of them. Originals are a gateway for future full 360 titles for download so I applaud the effort.

    I just think MS missed the mark a little with them.