Sony Continues the Pre-Order Madness

Sony is offering a free demo almost 2 months early of Resistance Retribution to anybody who pre-orders it at select retailers. The Demo will include gameplay, and a sneak peak at the connect to PS3 feature. Is it just me or has Sony forgotten the purpose of demos (to make you want to buy the game).

You have heard a lot about Resistance: Retribution since it was announced at E3 2008. Whether it’s the innovative aim-assist, the pedigree of the development studio, the music by Gary Schyman, or the revolutionary Resistance Connect features; you know there is a lot that’s going to be packed in to a little UMD.

Resistance Retribution box front

We’re pleased to let you PlayStation.Blog readers know that right now, customers who pre-order Resistance: Retribution from Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, or Game Crazy will receive a voucher code granting them access to the Resistance: Retribution demo almost two months early! The demo features single player gameplay and the option to try Resistance Connect with both the Infected mode and Resistance: Retribution Plus.

With the exception of Game Crazy (you’ll have to pre-order in-store) below are links to pre-order at your favorite retailer. Keep an eye out for the pre-order page that will be coming up at the end of January.

Direct to pre-order pages:

Pre-order in store only availability

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