No GTA V For 2009

The rumor has been floating around the past couple of weeks that Rockstar was gearing up to release GTA V sometime in 2009 before the holidays.

Well let’s put the rumor to rest right now.  According to parent company Take-Two Interactive there is no truth in the reports that a new Grand Theft Auto retail game is set to be released before the holidays in 2009.

The only releases scheduled fo GTA IV is the DLC, The Lost and Damned that is set to be released on the Xbox 360 next month and a second DLC yet to be named is planned to be released before October 31, 2009.

With the huge map of Liberty City in GTA IV I think the two DLC’s scheduled for this year is only the beginning for GTA and we will see more DLC before we see a new retail game in the GTA series.  So for all you die hard GTA fans out there hoping for a new GTA this year I am sorry for crushing you dreams, but keep your fingers crossed that The Lost and Damned DLC will be good and the second unknown  DLC will keep you wanting more out of the Grand Theft Auto Series.

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