PS3Evolved will be giving away Killzone 2 Demo Codes!

As you all probably know the Killzone 2 demo in North America is going to be available February 2nd, 2009 for those that pre-order the game at their local Gamestop.  The demo will also be available “sometime” in February for gamers in Europe and released on to the PSN for everyone else on February 26th, 2009 (the day before the retail game is released)!  If you are not into pre-orders or do not have Gamestops in your area then head over to PS3Evolved and leave a comment on the Killzone 2 Post and you could win a code for the Killzone 2 demo.  They are taking entries until January 31, 2009; with winners announced February 1st, 2009!


and a Thanks to Steve, The Married Gamers and all of Platform Nation for helping spread the word!

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