XBL Radio ver 83.0 (Swan Song)

XBL Radio Ver 83.0

Join Kemanswar, X3R0 9, Mr B4, and Silverthorne as we unleash the new format. Caution this is an explict podcast, hear your favorite hosts like you never have before.

Topics Include:

The death of the 1st amendment in South Carolina

PS3 brings in the Danish SWAT team

Are we ready for the Next Generation

Guitar Hero: Metallica has a Release date

Neversoft president says studio has part ways with Tony Hawk

Your Xbox friends list limit could be increasing

Thanks for listening, Please leave us a comment on the show or send us an e-mail at: [email protected]

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  • I’m not to sure, It was new and frest but it when to a new low on the language. I am mature and use to the language but I just don’t want it to be the next fanboys show by offend people. I will miss the .5 live on live shows. So far so good

  • I think that it was good, they sound more relaxed and not so up tight. We all cuss everyday and it’s kind of hard to curve that impulse. So keep up the good work xbl and I will keep listening. Oh and what’s up pimpmethod!