Guitar Hero: Metallica Pre-Order Bonus

If you are planning on ordering Guitar Hero: Metallica, GameStop maybe your place.  GameStop if offering a free Guitar Hero foot pedal with a splitter that allows it to be used simultaneously with another foot pedal.  This offer is available for in-store pickup and online customers alike and is for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 respectfully.

You maybe asking yourself about now why do I need to use two kick pedals at once for?  Well a new expert mode let’s you drum like Lars Ulrich on two bass drums.

This just lead’s to one question, will other retailers offer the same deal or will the consumers that don’t pre-order from GameStop have to buy the extra kick pedal if they want to play on expert?  I guess we will have to sit tight and wait to see what will happen.

Guitar Hero: Metallica Pre-Order

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