Lost Fans Only! : Via Domus Review


With the season premier of Lost around the corner, I dusted off my copy of Via Domus and finally decided to give it a spin on my 360.  First things first, Via Domus is not much more than a “genre-mashed interactive episode“.  Don’t expect anything like Uncharted here. Die hard fans of Lost will enjoy the plot; which was written by the series writers and is the best part of the experience.  Unfortunately, it’s all downhill from there.


Math fuse puzzles, lots of back tracking, a few “on-rails” running sequences, and a bunch of picture taking puzzles (the main characters a journalist) is all you have to look forward to.  Character models are slightly last gen with nice environment graphics and  realistic lighting.  Character voice overs are awful when not done by its actor counterpart.  Via Domus is clearly a Lost cash-in.


Lost fan boys and girls should keep an eye out for a used or “price-dropped” copy.  The game is not at all worth retail; $20 or less is reasonable.  The plot is great, while the game is as average as can be with a few quick moments of enjoyment.  I’ll say it again, this is merely an interactive episode that will give fans of the series a little more story from what they already know about the “Lost universe”.  If your interested in learning about Lost, watch the series via and steer clear of Via Domus.  “Uber-Fans” ONLY!

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