PN Question of the Week, January 18

This weeks question is based off of a discussion that Paul, host of the and I were having about the iPhone. We were debating on if the iPhone counts as an actually gaming platform or is Paul correct when he says, “despite the fantasy of bandwagon jumping Apple fans, NOT a game system”.

So that leads me to this weeks question, do you feel the iPhone and iPod Touch count as an actually gaming platform? And if so, for extra credit, what are some of your own favorite games that you can play on the iPhone?

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  • In this day and age, even our gaming consoles (PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360) all are multi-function devices, so whether any of us like it or not, I think the iPhone could be legitimately considered a gaming platform.

  • Although both the Iphone and the Itouch play games, I don’t feel you can call it a gaming platform. At least, not yet. The iTouch is a portable media device capabale of playing a few games, and the iPhone is a phone, capable of playing a few games. However, I think the next step will be away from portable media devices, and turn them into personal entertainment devices, containing audio and video playback, gaming, phone, internet, and all in a small, portable form factor. If Apple can be the first one there, which they are taking steps towards, then they even have the chance of taking the mighty N down a notch or two.

  • While I could understand someone who made the argument that it is not a “game system”, it is absolulty a gaming platform.

    Just like the PC, it does plenty of things, and gaming happens to be something that it does well. Depending on the user, an iPhone or PC may be a “work device” that you happen to play a few games on, or it may be something that is much more dedicated to entertaining you.

  • If you can consider the N-Gage a gaming platform, then the iPhone definitely qualifies. Hehe.

    I have yet to play anything super compelling on my iPhone, but I haven’t actually paid for a game either. I only choose the free stuff, which probably affects my experience. That being said, I like the few games I’ve played, even if they are simple.

    If this is Apple’s attempt at making a portable gaming console, then they attacked it in just the right way. It’s the whole trojan horse thing that the home consoles have been doing, except they made the iPhone something you have to have with you at all times. Once that was accomplished, it’s a natural that you want to play games on it.

    And as for games, I suggest JellyCar, Space Deadbeef, and Spore Origins.

  • Nah i dont see it as a gaming platform. Ive probably spent $50 on games and apps but they are the equivalent of flash games. Ive seen real games like rolando but $10 for a game like that is a lot when i can have more fun with $1 apps. The lowest price point on the App Store lends to throwaway fun games. The touchscreen adds to that as well because while it is a neat way to play games it lacks the accuracy and complexity needed for many games

  • snakeman555

    The iPhone is a gaming platform now. It is starting to gain some big name developers, and growing some new topnotch developers. Personally if there are games for it that I can get sucked into then it is a gaming system. I am currently playing LUX DLX which is basically Risk (board game)

  • The iPhone is no more a gaming platform than the Xbox LIVE is a VoIP system. Yes iPhones can play games and yes LIVE has VoIP capabilities, but no one buys either of these products specifically for those features. You buy an iPhone because its a PHONE and you buy a gaming system to play GAMES.