Gamers Video Update, January 21, 2009

Topics Include:
* Missed the Inauguration? Xbox Live has you Covered Covered
* Left 4 Dead PC Wiimote hack for the gamer who has it all, hates zombies
* The Maw comes to XBLA
* New BUZZ! Content Hits PlayStation Network
* Puzzle Quest: Galactrix demo Flashed for free
* Films That Influenced Kojima And The MGS series
* Gears of War 2 Update 2 hits Live today

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  • sorry I meant 2009.

    Anyways, what did you guys think of this format? the powerpoint/keynote format? Like it? or do you prefer the old school, in front of video type?

  • It’s ok. If you use your mac, you can use this program that allows you to show your face while also showing your sites or images. I forget the name. People liek to see faces.

    I need to give the GVU a shot one of these days.

  • Good to see the GVU back, and im glad it got a shiny new coat of paint. Only complaint was that you chose a gray serif font on white that is kinda of hard to read on youtube. Good job though, and dez is right about seeing u – maybe a floating head on a circle or box with you speaking into a headset would make it more identifying. You could even work it into the presentation in a creative way.

  • I am glad the GVU is back. I hate to be a party pooper but I preferred the old format better.