Gears of War 2 Update 2 hits Live today.

Six Okay (Justin, the Community Manger for Gears of War) has let us know that the new, long awaited second update for Gears of  War 2 has finally dropped.  Some welcome updates come along with this update, here are some of the major fixes:

  • Exploit Fixes: Crabwalking, invisibility, weapon-slide, melee through walls, unlimited ammo.
  • General Fixes: Shotgun and Boomshot updates, meatshield chainsawing updates, team communication, Insane gamer pic award.
  • Balancing: Planted proximity grenade updates, increased quitting penalties, spawn protection, flamethrower stopping power.
  • Improvements: Annex uses execution rules, achievement progression in the War Journal, added 7 DLC-based achievements worth 175 gamerscore.

There are many more changes.  If you want to see the full list, check out Rod Fergusson’s post at the official forums.  Bust out your Lancers, and remember you can’t melee or granade tag through walls anymore.  See you online!

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