EA releases more stupid DLC, this time for Skate 2

Right now on the marketplace you can get your hands on the “Time is Money Pack”. This pack gives you the option to unlock every single piece of content in the game, for just 400 points. Including all locations, skaters and gear.

In games such as Need for Speed. I’m fine with them releasing in-game cars to be unlocked by DLC. But this for me really takes the bullet for EA DLC. The whole point in Skate 2 is to play through the game and unlock all locations, skaters and gear. And if you could just buy this and have them all anyway, it defeats the whole point of the game!

Why, EA, Why?

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  • I remember when SKATE was released, Black Box mentioned that EA wanted them to withhold content for DLC. Then they pretty much said no to EA, so Black Box never released any DLC for SKATE. This DLC for SKATE 2 is pretty much a big FUCK YOU to skaters and gamers. Damn, I’ll still pick it up but i’m staying true to my new years resolution and not paying full price for games. I’ll pick it up later from Gamefly…


    this is not on PSN yet, maybe 360 gamers just need the extra help? kidding. I hate this kinda DLC, what is the point of playing the game then?

  • mik

    I hate to point out the obvious, but if this is some way ruins the game for you, there’s always the option to, you know, not buy it.

  • I’m not a fan of any company charging for cheat codes, these used to be left in the game for free, lets keep it this way.

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  • Gemini ace

    I’m torn. I agree that you don’t have to buy it. I also think it’s a shady way to do business. It I also know myself as a gamer. I would never play this or any game enough to unlock everything. So that means if I bought this game I would be missing out on content. I think the code should be free but I can see how it appeals to certain people.