Age Of Booty Getting Patched

Age of Booty the downloadable pirate based real time strategy game published by Capcom for the Xbox 36o and PlayStation 3 , will be getting  patched.

The Xbox 360 patch will bring avatar support for Xbox Live and the PS3 version of the patch will be bringing trophy support.  The patch is set to be released near the end of February.

Not bad news for trophy hunters, also it is unknown at this point what the trophies will entail but I would have to say it would be the same as the 360’s achievements.

  • Richard Webster (B1gBadDaddy)

    Yea mate, most Trophies are the same as their counterpart achievements. Good news indeed for Trophy hunters.

  • WCC5723

    Thanks for the heads up B1gBadDaddy!

  • it took way to long to get this patch out to us owners of the game